Our Team

Our Team


The team we are is gathering marketing & advertising professionals with expertise on Romanian and CEE markets. We highly recommend our team proud of its positive characteristics: creativity, responsibility and problem solving that were proved along the last 12 years of activity on Romanian market. We have implemented, successfully, several communication campaigns local and cross border, achieving good results with our new creative concepts. Cumulating our team expertise, we are surpassing 75 years of experience in ATL & BTL which lately combined became TTL. The Team Leader and Brand Management CEE Managing Director himself, has experienced advertising and brand promotion in the last 18 years. The company we developed in more than 12 years already, is today, proud to be one of the most professional team in ATL & BTL in CEE.

Romanian Brand Management team is managed by:
–            2 regional managers,
–           3 account managers

The professional contribution of the following people makes the team complete:
–             8  production & printing team members
–             2 creative and technical specialists

We offer:
– a professional execution of every promotional concept including PR campaign
– new opportunities for your brand due to the talented & creative professionals we are
– long lasting business relationships through our efforts to build and maintain the clients reliability in our type of approach

As a result of getting together all the above, we are confident that all your projects are well planned, well targeted and could achieve the highest possible results in our hands due to the fact that your goals became ours!

Now, after 12 years on Romanian market, we have required capability & expertise to propose clear, realistic and effective concepts, targeting to fulfil your needs.

We set and achieved high goals and we are able to deliver them!

We have all the necessary to make the impossible possible!