About us

Brand Management is the first company in Romania started as an indoor operator in business centers, back in 2004. Naturally after that, malls and retail chains all over the country became our new business!
Having headquarter in Bucharest, Brand Management expanded the advertising activity in 2006 in Bulgarian malls and in 2008 in malls from Czech Republic.
We have enough expertise to complement the mix of indoor communication media up to a level of an integrated national and regional campaign according to your needs and advertising targets.

Please, check up our profile to get convinced that we are THE INDOOR OPERATOR you need:

Who are we?
We are the advertising agency in Romania, over the past 18 years, specialized in indoor advertising campaigns exposed in malls, business centers and retail chains. We believe that smartly developed campaigns with effective indoor concept, achieve genuine measurable results.
We have effective and creative ideas! We believe that innovative creativity combined with strategic exposure is the most important part of any indoor communication campaign, as this opens up new horizons for any business.

What do we do?
We use our expertise power to accomplish the mission we have.
Our power consists of: expert knowledge, gained by working for and with big international companies as clients, combined with great expertise in the field.
The mission we have: to be your reliable and trusted partner and to accompany you along the road to achieving better results. By doing so, we can help You and Your business achieve targeted goals.

Where do we implement indoor campaigns?
We can combine different locations for you exposure: in malls, in business centers and in any retail chains in Romania.
We can create, produce and implement all about your indoor advertising campaigns using the devices that we have already or will be produced for you only.
Your indoor exposure will be in front of your consumer, in the highest traffic place and at the right moment.

Why us ?
We have the most important attributes: expertise, creativity, flexibility, competence and ability to negotiate for you.
By combining Your capabilities with Our qualities, we can become the PERFECT MATCH that will help promote Your business and your products.
Our purpose is to reach and communicate with active and dynamic people through ATL, BTL or TTL new projects.

Really important for us is – to be able to come up to Your expectations, surpass them and create new, custom indoor concepts for You.
Do you need innovative promotional indoor campaigns, tailored to Your needs? Make your choice: Brand Management indoor advertising operator!
Allow us to come with added value for You!